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When we’re all using the same cutting-edge technology,
we break that glass ceiling.



Technology & software are both rapidly advancing in the world of engineering and architecture. Here at Elemental MEP, we believe that adopting these new cutting-edge tools is paramount to not only producing better work, but also enhancing communication between engineers and everyone else involved. Increasing project flow leads to structures that are designed better, built stronger, and cost less. That’s something everyone can get behind.


The Go-To for 3-Dimensional Design & Engineering

ArchiCAD by GraphiSoft is the world’s premier 3-Dimensional Building Information Modeling program. What that means is that Elemental can take the same technology that produces highly rendered and detail architectural drawings and apply it to the buildings structural elements. With this intelligent software, calculations that were once done by hand by the contractor are now done inside the program with full structural element schedules. This saves time for both you and the contractor.


Because ArchiCAD is a completely collaborative tool, engineers, architects, developers, and contractors can work together by commenting and revising plans simultaneously. Improving communication and coordination drastically speeds up delivery of the finished design and mitigates mistakes and change orders.


Elemental is one of the first MEP Engineering firms in the United States to become proficient in Archicad. We understand who our client is and what they are looking for from us.

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